A message from the new Mayor.

I am both humble and proud to be elected Town Mayor. I pledge to do my best for all our communities, as well as welcoming our visitors as friends. My colleague, Bill Cawley, will be our Deputy Mayor.
Six generations of the Swindlehurst family have made Leek their home. Market Gardeners, Silk industry buyers, teachers, nurses. I am proud to follow in their footsteps.
My husband, Daughter and Son in Law, and our two beautiful Grandchildren, Elijah and Jacob, live and work in Leek, making it their ‘forever’ home, as have so many ‘Leekensians.’
The pandemic has left a heavy legacy on our town and it’s communities. We have lost loved ones to this terrible virus, watched as people battle ‘long covid’ and watched as the local economy makes efforts to rebuild. It seems likely that social distancing is with us for some time to come, but we can work round, and through it, together.
Now, more than ever, we need to be seen to be supporting each other. By working hard and signing up to a shared message.
A clear voice that says Leek is a friendly, welcoming town.