Your Leek

Leek is a market town and civil parish on the river Churnet, in the county of Staffordshire.

With a population of about 21 thousand, the town is situated about 10 miles (16km) north east of Stoke on Trent; in close proximity to the Peak District national park. An ancient borough, Leek was granted its royal charter in 1214. 

Leek’s Coat of Arms is made up of a Satire Shield. On the top is is the Stafford Knot, either side is the Leek  “Double Sunset” and below a gold garb. The crest is a mural crown with three Mulberry leaves on a Mount of Heather on top of which a Moorcock is resting his claw on a small weave Shuttle. 

The motto “ARTE FAVENTE NIL DESPERANDUM translates to: Our skill assisting us , we have no cause for despair.