And a HUG for the Foxlowe Arts Centre


It’s very encouraging to be able to see continuing work by SMDC on the town’s assets. Railings, bollards, planters all freshly painted as their contractors work through the agreed schedule. Especially encouraging to see work started on the Stockwell St bus shelters and the bus station. In parallel, my personal 18 month old ongoing campaign with The Post Office seems to be showing results, as various post boxes have been repainted. I have had a very productive meeting with Andrew Stokes, the CEO at the District Council, to explore ways in which the two councils can work together more closely for the benefit of the town.

I laid wreaths on behalf of the Town Council and the people of Leek at The Nicholson War Memorial, commemorating the beginning of The Battle of the Somme, and then Passchendaele. Councillor Bill Cawley sourced the names of the fallen servicemen, as well as the streets where they lived.  It was very moving to hear them read out at the ceremony.

I chaired the first of a regular series of collaborative meetings with the Leek branch of the Royal British Legion. We are going to be building a strong working partnership to ensure a safe and respectful event on Remembrance Sunday, then looking towards 2022 and the centenaries of the memorials in St Edwards Church Yard and Ball Haye Green.

I attended two festivals this month. The Moorlands Climate Action group came together with The Foxlowe Arts Centre to host the ‘HUG’ festival. It brought together a range of local community groups with environmental issues as their focus. Money was raised towards the Foxlowe’s fund for improving insulation, and the very informative presentations and lectures were supported by music and poetry. I very much hope this becomes an annual event.