Time to take stock and make plans

It’s traditional at New Year to reflect on the previous year and plan forward for the year to come. The past two years have left us in a state of confusion at best, and, sadly for some families and individuals, a state of loss. We have also learned some skills of coping and caring, giving and sharing. I have met many people who have given time freely to help others, volunteers for organisations and individuals who have given their time listening and befriending others. I have also met many health care and others essential workers almost broken by the impact of their role on themselves, their families and the service they provide for us all.

Traditionally a New Years resolution leads us to continue positive behaviour and change behaviour we perceive as negative, a promise to do something good. Many people during 2021 made commitments to others and to themselves to stay safe, protect others and to volunteer in some way to benefit others.
I hope in 2022 we continue to ensure those who have cared for us in any capacity, be it essential care workers, those who kept businesses going, all of those who gave so much to us all are not taken for granted ever again. We must not ignore the need to recognise the desperate and urgent need to transform our society to address the very real and critical climate emergency. If we really care about our children’s future we must act now to assure it.
In doing so we should celebrate everyone for the value they bring to our community. We should recognise the resilience we have shown and take every opportunity to work collaboratively where we can to bring together our ideas and creativity to grow together.
I wish everyone the best for this new year where we care for ourselves, others, our town and our planet in equal measure.


Cllr Lyn Swindlehurst 

Mayor of Leek