For the carers and all key workers.

This New Year of 2021 will now bring everyone fresh hope for the future – after the most challenging year most of us will have ever seen.

There have been huge personal sacrifices made by so many during the protracted fight against the virus. The frontline health professionals have been incredible of course –and science has brought a vaccine in a very short time.

There is still a difficult path to tread even as the vaccine roll out gains momentum- and we all can still play our part by following the rules. With the criteria of vulnerability and age placing each of us in the vaccination queue, we must still keep doing the right thing for each other. 

 Science will now eventually bring the blight of Covid under control and the prospect of living our lives again is tantalisingly close. So what’s on your list?  We are all looking forward seeing our family and friends of course, as well as dining out – and entertaining at home. Many are looking towards enjoying live music and a pint in the pub. For many it will be seeing sport start up at all levels. We will soon see those fun filled birthday parties, big weddings and christenings. Holidays will be planned as gradually things return to normal…we will all want to make up for those lost opportunities during 2020.  Those clubs and societies, groups and circles of friendship across our community will reconnect and flourish in a post Covid world.

So what has this crisis taught us if not how much we rely on each other and how vitally important even the humblest of jobs can be?

We are looking at the world around us with a different perspective and we should resolve to keep sharing the kindness and goodwill that has kept Leek going strong through difficult times. 

We have all found reserves we never knew existed- this past year has been a test of our will power, patience and personal responsibility. So let’s breathe in the air, clear your mind and plan for a fabulous 2021.