Get your flu jab sorted.

The trouble with COVID is that it challenges us in ways that are totally alien to us – it challenges our very freedoms- those very things we hold dear and those  we take for granted – our families, our personal space and fundamental rights.

Unfortunately, the pandemics effects on our daily lives are far reaching and it has no regard for our hopes, wishes and dreams. Weddings Christenings Funerals Birthdays Anniversaries and Celebrations – all are pushed into the uncertain and ever-changing world of the latest official Government Covid response to the R number and test results.   

People appear daily on TV or social media with the shattering effects of the latest regulations on their business / holiday plans / education /football season etc. I am certain that throughout the country the vast majority of folk have a story to tell about the way COVID has wrecked their year. Our complex and interconnected lives are being totally left in disarray by this virus.

The one fact is clear that this is a serious virus and as we approach the winter, we should now all play our part in supressing its transmission here in the Moorlands. We are not densely populated around here, and this is our favour – as is our direct access to the open countryside and parks.

The way forward is uncertain and that itself is disconcerting, but we must step forward and with a sense of purpose and determination. The wearing of face masks is now becoming universally accepted as way to slow down the transmission and frankly for most people it is not a great inconvenience. The daily interactions we all have with each other also have a positive side too, by being optimistic and supportive to each other we can lessen the psychological pressure we all feel from time to time. A friendly wave or a smile is worth its weight in gold right now.

The flu season is approaching and this year it is vital that the effects of flu are taken seriously. The combination of Covid and Flu is not one that anyone wants to have, so if you are eligible for these first round of flu jabs you should arrange them now  

So we can all do our bit in these small ways, get that flu jab when its offered , wear a mask and reduce your close personal interactions with others, remember to wash your hands and use sanitising gels throughout the day and finally please keep your distance – it is very disconcerting when someone else is literally in your face.

We owe this much and more to the NHS medical staff and carers who have carried on, the workers in our shops delivering our basic needs week in week out, delivery drivers at our doors, and regular waste disposal services -the list is endless and we owe it to all of them and each other to “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

We have come this far in what is a war against a common enemy and we will be safer and stronger if we all pull together. There is no alternative and some sacrifices will be needed.  These are a small price to pay if we are to control the virus until a vaccine is available.

Stephen Wales 

Mayor of Leek