Kids back to school, more sport and promoting local shops

The summer of 2020 is fading fast and it will be one we will never forget. Face coverings and masks are now ‘de rigueur ‘ and we are seeing a colourful collection in use out on the streets, my own latest one features the “Keep Calm and Carry On” message. Good advice indeed because wearing these masks properly combined with good hand hygiene will help subdue the transmission of this aggressive virus here in the Moorlands.

We are all in new way of living and working, our children are now gradually returning to school after a long period of disruption. It will take hard work and focus to get back into full time learning and our teachers will give these students every support. We wish all these students a safe and productive return to our schools and colleges. It is vital that this cohort are given every support to achieve their potential. Sports are slowly starting to resume their activities and the joy of comradeship for participants and supporters is returning at last. I know the players and supporters are keen to get back to competitive sport.

The usual family celebrations for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries have been muted for most of us throughout the Covid crisis. There are some notable birthdays, but none is more so than a 100th birthday – and we have 2 such birthdays coming up here in Leek soon. As Mayor of Leek I will be pleased to extend the whole towns greetings to these wonderful people on their big day – whilst socially distancing of course.

The other big event for couples is their Diamond Wedding Anniversary celebrating 60 years of marriage. Both these key life events can lead to a card of congratulation from her Majesty the Queen. If you have these milestones happening within your family and the celebrants live in Leek just let me know.

The resilience within Leek is in evidence as new businesses continue to open, the CARDZONE greeting card shop in the Marketplace and just around the corner in Sheepmarket there’s CUCKOO a lovely Homewares and accessories showroom, the new PROTECH Kitchen Design showroom is opening soon too. These entrepreneurs, and indeed all our local shops deserve your support. If we spend locally we will keep Leeks shops and various markets strong, this will attract other investment and that in turn will bring new employment opportunities.

Bill Lomas our very own Town Crier is on a mission to promote our shops throughout the town and will be giving many a shout throughout the town centre over the coming weeks.

The remoteness of Leek within the Moorlands and Staffordshire brings both positives and a few negatives for some, but the vast majority of folk who live and work here really love the town and its unique character.Visitors marvel at our shops and splendid architecture and beyond the town lies some of the best countryside in Britain …so it’s not all that bad after all is it?

Stephen Wales

Leek Mayor