Aspects of Leek - Overall Winner by Alan Lees

Leek voted ‘best place to live’ in the county.

As we move towards Spring, we are also now emerging from this Covid crisis. It’s almost a full year since our lives and so many livelihoods changed forever. The impact of the virus has been incredible and universally damaging in many ways. 

I remember rapidly clearing out my office at work that Friday night on 20th March last year, the pubs were being closed and it was the last chance to have a pint at my local. I hesitated outside and then went straight home instead – it just felt the right thing to do.

If the nightly updates that followed on TV were meant to be both sobering and scary, they certainly worked. Those early fatalities were a portent of the true scale of the Pandemic. The terrible toll on lives in the Moorlands has been a source of great sadness for hundreds of families mourning the loss of loved ones. Recently a dear friend of ours was taken in a matter of just five days when Covid struck – it is a dangerous and unforgiving enemy.    

So, amongst the suffering, it is a huge relief that the vaccines are now available. My own jab was barely a scratch and with no side effects – other than pure relief. I recommend that when you are invited, please just do the right thing for yourself – and your loved ones.

Every single jab is moving us all to a safer place.

It feels like this last twelve months has been totally consumed by Covid. We have as your Leek Town Councillors continued to work on diligently in the background on many issues.

Often, we look for intervention and cooperation from SMDC or Staffordshire County Councillors. Our own Town Council responsibilities include the Nicholson Monument, Allotments, Christmas Lights, Flags and Bunting, Major Events, Gazebos, planning matters and of course Bank House which we are going to improve and utilise. Of course, we care greatly for the future of our shops and markets, our hospital, and want to get better traffic management and improved parking facilities.

Leek was recently voted the best place to live in Staffordshire and we want to build on that reputation. There is a strong sense of community in Leek and we see it in the responses to the stresses of Covid – as well as to the unwelcome litter in our streets. Let’s continue to build this real civic pride and create engagement with the councils and our communities.

Remember there is a three-tier administration structure to politics locally. Services and charges are delivered variously by County Council, the District Council and Leek Town Council.

I know all twelve Town councillors are working together for Leek -and that our own precept (part of your Council tax) will not increase this year. This means a band D property in Leek will continue to pay just £27.92 per annum towards supporting your Town Councils work

Wherever you live in Leek you are welcome to contact us or talk to us at our monthly meetings which are currently online. Just contact us at

Stephen Wales

Leek Town Mayor