Leek Town Council

Town Council AGM and Mayor-Making

The Annual Town meeting will take place on Tuesday 18th May in the Council Chamber, Moorlands House, when residents of Leek are invited to discuss matters relevant to Leek. Due to Covid, numbers are restricted to 16 members of the public, so please let the town clerk know (01538 381271) if you would like to attend. You will not be admitted unless you have registered. 

Following on from this meeting, the AGM of Leek Town Council will take place, at which the Mayor for the forthcoming year will be confirmed. 

Public Participation At Town Council Meetings:

Members of the public may attend town council meetings and there is a public participation session at the beginning of each meeting, when the public are allowed to ask a question. The session is limited to 15 minutes and each speaker has a time limit of 3 minutes so try to be brief and to the point.


To submit a question, email: office at leektowncouncil.gov.uk or phone 01538 381271, seven days before the meeting, with details of the question that you want to raise at the meeting. As meetings are usually held on Tuesdays, the request must be made by 4.30pm on the previous Tuesday.

Only one speaker will be allowed to speak at the meeting on an item. One person should act as a spokesperson for a group or organisation.

The normal procedure is to arrive in the public gallery at the council chamber 10 minutes before the start of the meeting. The clerk will show you where to sit and advise how the microphones work.

The public participation session will take place after the Mayor’s Report. The Mayor will then introduce you and ask you to speak. Give your name and (if applicable) the group you are representing.

Members may discuss the item and give a verbal response or they may inform you that a written response will be given at a later date.

Questions that are defamatory, frivolous, vexatious or offensive, or require disclosure of confidential information will not be allowed.