Who will buy this wonderful morning?

Leek Town Mayor, Stephen Wales joined the Leek Town Crier, Bill Lomas to welcome the re-opening of the traditional Wednesday market. This was Bill’s first outing in his green regalia since lockdown rules were introduced in November.

Bill had a special welcome back call “LEEK ALIVE’ for the occasion. And as usual. a warm reception from Leekensiens and donations starting to roll in once again to support Bill’s charity fundraising.

A number of town councillors joined Bill during the day as well as Stephen Wales.

“Interviewed by Leek TV Stephen said. “It was good to see the town getting back to normal. The Wednesday market is open and people are coming back into town. Many of the local shops are up and running again.”

The fine foods, antiques and collectors’ market will be open on Saturday.  We are looking forward to seeing Bill doing his rounds again with his usual bag full of treats for the kids.